Having thoughts? What about Third Thoughts?

“First Thoughts are the everyday thoughts.

Everyone has those.
Second Thoughts are the thoughts you think about the way you think.
People who enjoy thinking have those.
Third Thoughts are thoughts that watch the world and think all by themselves.
They’re rare, and often troublesome.”
- Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full Of Sky

So, yeah, I'm intrigued by the idea of Third Thoughts. Second thoughts are not uncommon, and they often lead to self-doubt.  But deeper within, there's a part of our brain that's monitoring both the first thoughts (that's inspiration) and the second thoughts, aka our doubts about our own ideas.  And that's where we find the solutions to the obstacles in our way.

I apply this in my work as much as possible. I actively look for the obstacles first, so the back of my mind can start working on those third though solutions.