About Me

Hey there.

You ever get that nagging feeling in the back of your head about what you're doing?  You know, you've started off on an impulse, and as you're going along, you get the feeling that something isn't quite right about it?  Yeah, you know that feeling - you're having second thoughts.

So, you listen to that second thought, and you modify what you're doing.  Or you keep on with it, because you consider the second thought but you're sure you had it right the first time around.  But then, something hits you.  Maybe in a strong way, but more likely in a very subtle manner.  If you listen closely to this one, this Third Thought, that's your subconscious insight trying hard to tell you something.

Better listen to it.

So, what does that have to do with me?  Good question!

I've been working with digital media for thirty years.  I was working with multimedia before there was a name for it.  I was editing digital audio and video files before most people knew there was such a thing.  I was on the Internet before there was a World Wide Web, and I was on the bleeding edge of technology for two decades.  Now, I'm sharing the knowledge, experience and insight gained over those many years.

In simpler terms, I spent most of three decades working for various companies dealing with technology on different levels.  From computer-based training to database tracking systems, from alarm monitoring systems to digital mapping applications, from word processing to digital photography to audio/video editing, I've been there.  All of these technologies are now available for the casual computer user.  I plan to offer tips and tutorials on a variety of subjects, including photography, blogging, transferring your old audio and video tapes to digital, and stuff like that there.

So stick around and check back frequently.  And if there's a tech subject you're interested in, let me know.  Chances are I have, if not knowledge, at least an opinion on it.